Verisurf Software announces Verisurf Companion App |

Verisurf Software announces Verisurf Companion App

December 302019
Verisurf Software announces Verisurf Companion App

December 30, 2019 - Verisurf Software announced its mobile Verisurf Companion App, designed to improve productivity of measurement, build, and inspection applications, especially when large parts or assemblies are involved. Verisurf continues to work in the metrology work space by bringing the first real-time metrology Digital Readout (DRO) to Android and iOS devices, including the Apple watch.

The mobile Verisurf Companion App interfaces directly with Verisurf Software and virtually all measurement hardware devices to display real-time coordinate position, and 3D deviation from nominal geometry on any handheld Android or Apple device.  The mobile connection with Verisurf software is established via any wireless access point, enabling remote features:

  • Build -See Build/Inspect results in real-time
  • Auto-Inspect -Bring the functionality of Auto-Inspect to your mobile device; start inspection plans, trigger the measurement device and more
  • Reports -View, browse, and search all your Verisurf Reports using the Companion App
  • Measure -Whatever feature you need to measure is just a swipe away. Tap to measure a single/stationary point; hold for continuous measurement mode
  • Settings –Style the Verisurf Companion App your personal preferences
  • Bar Code Scanner - Load any Verisurf job file with mobile bar code (QR) scanning by pressing the Verisurf Icon in Settings. Supports all bar code types




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